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The Idea

A heart that is full of love thinks not of itself, but of others.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the missionary trips that take place have been cancelled. So we asked ourselves, why not try to help out virtually? The idea of this project is that there are so many talented youths around the world, so why not use our talents and the time we have to serve and grow? We hope that the Philippines is only the start of an amazing journey. We hope that these virtual missions can eventually turn into visits and trips which we all know are life changing. Your help is needed! The more talents we have on board the more services we can participate in and the more countries that we can help out in. We are currently in discussions with servants in some countries in Africa, and South America, so we will keep you posted! We can't wait to connect with you, learn from you, create memories that we will all never forget, and most importantly, share the love and the gifts that were given to us.

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Kayaking Day

A group of amazing youths from Egypt joined in to walk and kayak for over 5 km in order to support our Bathroom building project for 250 families in the Philippines! Today was a day where life longing friendships were made, and a proof that Youths no matter where they are or what their background is can indeed come together to change the world! We would like to thank all of today's participants in Egypt, Canada, USA and many other countries around the world. Today we are a step closer to achieve our goal! Please use the link below to read more about the project and to support the cause. Together we can. #ToliveIsToLearn #missionphillipeans #edukos #fundraiser

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